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Art Franczek (artf at online.ru, 373 6241): Art holds an MBA and MST from DePaul University and is a CPA. He has many years of experience as a Tax Manager for a major international company. He has taught at AIBEc for 10 years and has taught over 1500 Russian students. He is currently co-chair of the Customs Committee at Am Cham and has been an active participant on the Tax Committee for 10 years. He has written many articles on Accounting/Tax issues and has recently published a workbook on IAS Accounting and is currently working with The World Bank on a project to convert Russian Accounting to IAS.

 Konstantin Kontor (kkontor at kkp-partners.ru): Kostya holds an MBA from UCLA (a top ranked MBA Program) and has worked for several years as the director of research for RINACO Plus, a major Moscow brokerage firm. He is one of the first students to graduate from AIBEc in 1992 and has taught finance at AIBEc since 1994.

Tom Nastas (tom at online.ru): Tom holds an MBA from Michigan State ( a top ranked MBA Program). He has many years of experience a Venture Capitalist in Russia and other emerging markets. He has several years of experience teaching marketing at Michigan State University.

Ekaterina Mikhailova Phd is a co-founder and a leading counselor of the two affiliated training institutes: The personal Training Center 'Klass" and Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy and Psychology (IGSPP). Since 1995 she has been teaching and training professionals both in the fields of therapeeutic groupwork and interactive education. She is the author of several books on various aspects of counseling, training coaching and psychotherapy including "Vasilisa's Spindles" and the "Trifles of Psychology".

Gerald Rohan:  Gerald is an American who has extensive experience with Price Waterhouse Coopers. He is currently the Director of Global Energy and Mining at PWC and he is the co-chair of he Energy committee at Am Cham. He has taught at The Plekhanov Academy for several years. 

Vadim Grigorian: Vadim holds a CBS from AIBEc and an MBA from INSEAD. He has extensive experience in marketing and is currently the marketing director for Pernod Ricard Rouss.

Jerome Dumetz, (jerome at clamart.net): A French national, jerome studied in France, Holland and Russia. he has worked in Russia, France, USA and Canada, also he has conducted variuos projects in other countries. Jerome has taught Cross-Cultural Management at the Plekhonov Russian Academy of Economics and is a visiting professor at the Mirbus Institute, Essec Business School and other organisations. He is a comsultant to various western companies in the field of cross-cultural management. He holds a bachelors and a masters degree. Jerome has recently done presentations on Cross-Cultural issues for The European Business Club and The American Chamber of Commerce.

Gregory Troussov, (troussov at expertkey.com):(www.expertkey.com): Gregory is the president of "Kontakt-Expert" Consulting Company in Moscow, which provides consulting services in the areas of strategy,marketing,performance management, and personel development. Gregory holds an MBA from The University of Colorado and has lived and worked in the US for several years. He has extensive experience in applying Marketing Research Methodologies to Russian companies. Also Gregory has taught marketing at the Economics Academy in Moscow. He has recently written a book on Marketing in Developing Economies that will be published soon.



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