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Dear AIBEcers:

Registration is currently open for AIBEc's Spring 2006 schedule that begins on Monday Jan. 16th 2006. In an effort to meet the ever changing Russian environment AIBEc is offering some new and updated courses this semester:

-Comparative/Advanced Accounting will place a special emphasis on Valuation issues that impact many areas of business and also issues concerning International Accounting Standards. Please note that Taxation will be offered in the Fall 2006 semester.

-Marketing Action will be taught by Vadim Gregorian (AIBEc/INSEAD graduate), this course is esentially the same as Strategic marketing and will cover many cutting edge Marketing techniques. This course was very popular with students who felt that it was both creative and practical.

-Managing People in Organizations will be taught by Jerome Dumetz who has done extensive research in this area, Jerome has been a popular instructor at AIBEc and has been a presenter at the American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of European Businesses. This course will address many practical management issues and will be both creative and interesting.

- Strategic Management will again be taught by Gerald Rohan who is a top expert at PWC and he has many years of practical experience in the application of strategic issues.

- Marketing Communication is a new course that covers many issues of interest to Marketing professionals. Gregory Troussav who has extensive experience in Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing issues. Gregory's course on Marketing research was very popular with AIBEc students.

-Understanding Unspoken Business Patterns is a very unique and special course that will be taught by a Phd with many years of experience in this area.

-Business Planning with Kostya Kontor will provide students with many practical skills that are most useful in many areas of business..

AIBEc is proud of its Spring schedule and designed its courses to provide students with useful and practical skills to advance their careers.



      Course offerings, Spring Semester:
      January 16 - April 29, 2006

      Financial Accounting:  This course provides students with a thorough review of accounting issues of importance to most organizations, such as Accrual Accounting, Bad Debts, Inventories, Investments, Cash Flows and Ratio Analysis. US GAAP and IAS concepts are emphasized. Fridays 7pm to 10pm, Art Franczek 

      Managerial Accounting:  This course provides students with a thorough review of most Managerial Accounting issues of importance to many organizations such as Cost Allocation, Activity Based Costing, Budgeting, Standard Costing, Just In Time Inventory and many other topics. Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm, Art Franczek 

      Updated! Comparative/Advanced Accounting: This course covers advanced topics such as Leasing, Valuations, Consolidated Financial Statements, Foreign Currency Transactions and Translation. Also Russia's transition to IAS will be discussed in detail as the professor has worked on a project with the World Bank dealing with this issue. A special emphasis will be placed on comparisons between GAAP and IAS. Wednesdays 7pm to 10pm, Art Franczek 

      Corporate Finance: This course is an introduction to allocation of capital over time, capital budgeting, financial management and other topics using basic mathematical models. This course focuses upon the application of Corporate Finance issues in Russia. Thursdays 7pm to 10pm, Konstantin Kontor

      Capital Markets and Financial Institutions: This course consists of two major parts. The first part is devoted to the nature, role, and functioning of financial institutions in the developed capital markets. The second part deals with the Russian capital markets and financial institutions. The principle goal here is to screen the local experience against worldwide theory and practices in order to identify both common and specific features of developed and emeging markets.  Tuesdays 7pm to 10pm, Konstantin Kontor

      Business Planning in The Russian Environment: This course is a prototype of a long-prepared format of Field Study - a standard and mandatory course at all business schools. In a Field Study the students in a group analyze a real project at a real company. Class sessions will be arranged on a special flexible schedule. Special assistance in the preparation of the business plan will be provided.  Special schedule, Konstantin Kontor

      NEW! Understanding Unspoken Business Patterns: This course examines the manifestations and roots of the irrational, both positive and destructive processes in corporations. Of particular interest will be the ideas and particular tools for better understanding of the unconscious needs and emotional reasoning that usually stay shadowed and unspoken. Fridays 7pm to 10pm, Ekaterina Mikhailova 

      Principles of Marketing: This course provides students with an overview of marketing in a modern international business. The latest materials and case studies are used in this course. Mondays 7pm to 10pm, Tom Nastas 

      NEW! Marketing Action: This course focuses on Brand Strategy and Implementation with an emphasis on luxury goods. The professor for this course will be an AIBEc and INSEAD graduate Vadim Grigoryan. Saturdays 1 pm to 4 pm (schedule subject to change), Vadim Grigoryan 

      NEW! Marketing Communications :  This course examines topics such as Public Relations, Advertising and Sales Negotiations. The course will be extremely interactive and a significant portion of the class will be devoted to business games, presentations and other training activities. Wednesdays 7pm to 10pm, Gregory Troussov 

      Strategic Management:  Recent topics in Strategy as they are applied internationally and in Russia will be discussed. Many recent cases will be used and there will be a special focus on implementation of strategies. Thursdays 7pm to 10pm, Gerald Rohan

      Managing People in Organizations: This course provides students with the application of Social Sciences to problems of managing individuals and the teams in large and small businesses. Mondays 7pm to 10pm, Jerome Dumetz

                                                         For more information:
      call at 438-1439, website: www.aibec.org;  e-mail ;info.aibec at co.ru





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